Atkins were the official engineering design services provider for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. They were responsible for the design and build management of all the facilities and infrastructures, including the Olympic park itself.

So, to highlight the massive amount of work that goes in to creating such a feat and looking to engage and fire the imaginations of the young, Atkins asked Synapse Creative Design to help with the design and creation of a promotional piece that was then handed out to some 5000 students.
After coming up with initial ideas and presenting them to a focus group of students, Synapse set about creating a doodle book which set out a series of exercises, based on real challenges faced by the Engineers on a day to day basis.

The book took on a fun theme through its use of stylised imagery and urged the students not to hold back with their imaginations whilst completing each challenge.
The challenge book jacket was also uniquely designed by Synapse to be separate from the challenges and hold key information and facts about the Olympic venue, keeping it environmentally friendly and allowing each challenge to be duplicated without the need to print too many books.
The challenge book was a great success and served as a stepping stone in Atkins’ commitment to the government’s ‘Business Compact’ scheme.