Synapse Creative Design was approached by MacCarthy Aviation to help them consolidate their brand and nail down their brand message as they moved into a new phase of creation.

MacCarthy Aviation is a Kent based manufacturer of aircraft interiors, who supply interiors to the major airlines, private jets, and royal dignitaries across the globe and have been looking to acquire new business.

Synapse sat down with MacCarthy Aviation and worked out that their potential customers were receiving conflicting messages and images that were limiting their new business drive.

Synapse designed and wrote brand guidelines that laid down and explained the importance of displaying consistent brand values, right from the look of their website and email messages, through to their printed materials. We then designed and printed an information pack MacCarthy Aviation could present to their potential customers.

In order to make them truly independent, Synapse then created a template structure that have enabled MacCarthy to create their own spec sheets as and when they need to.

From the importance of saying the right things in their brochures to the placement of their logos down to the nearest millimetre – nothing was left to chance! Even the position, style and order of their email signoff has been created and implemented company-wide.

Attention to the smallest details with clear and concise information help to create solid brands that last. Since implementation MacCarthy Aviation have gone on to place more than £240,000 in new orders during the second half of this year.