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This year has seen the rise and rise of portable tablets and smart phones, with connectivity massively improved.
Now, people who view your website will no longer just be using their desktop or laptop computers. In fact 45% of internet usage in the UK is via a mobile phone.

What does this mean to you and your business?..

Many websites have been created (and some are still being created) to fit the standard size of a desktop or laptop screen.
The screen sizes on tablets and smart phones, being smaller, make reading and navigating on static screen sites a turn off for many mobile device users.
It’s important that your website must take full advantage of smaller screen sizes and present your information in a way that is easy to read and navigate.

“Does this mean we have to have an app created?”

No! Creating a mobile app can be a great way to engage your customers, however with the vast improvements seen in coding development over the last 12-18 months, apps are no longer the necessity they once were for viewers using a mobile phone!
Now we are able to develop websites which work out the screen size upon which they are being viewed and present the information automatically optimised for the best possible viewing experience.
These sites is known as ‘responsive websites’.

Responsive Websites

Responsive websites are extremely versatile yet are highly structured.

  • Your customer gets the best viewing experience for their chosen device.
  • Your branding will remain intact.
  • All styling and resizing is carried out automatically, keeping a consistent look at all times.
  • No longer a need for expensive apps when presenting the same information via smart phones/tablets.
  • No extra downloading for your customers – they surf in the normal fashion.
  • Works on all modern browsers.
  • Can be added to existing websites which use a ‘style sheet’ to control the look and feel (the majority of sites are built in this fashion).
  • Will increase the usability and accessibility of your site.
Want to see a responsive site in action?

You’re already looking at one. This website is a responsive site which changes according to the device used to browse. We are now recommending responsive sites to our customers who are updating or creating websites.

Selling goods and services online?

If you’re selling products online and your website only works as a standard computer optimised website, it may be helpful to know:

  • 28% of your customers now purchase goods using their phones.
  • Tablet sales are growing at 378% year on year.
  • Smartphone sales overtook PC sales last year (two years earlier than expected).
  • 16% of search queries in retail were via smartphones in 2012.
  • 12% of UK population have a tablet
Consumers are comfortable buying anything via mobile phones
  • eBay forecasts $8 billion in mobile sales this year (one sale per second).
  • An average of 4 Ferraris sold on a mobile phone every month!!
  • Mothers day 2012 – 50% of ALL online sales came from mobile devices.
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